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■About the event:

Q. What will happen if the weather is forecasted to be bad?

The event is still on even if it rains, but will be cancelled if a typhoon or other severe weather is forecasted. We will be periodically updating information about the event on our official social media platforms.

Q. Where can I find out if the event is still on, or if it's cancelled?

We will be updating all information on the event periodically on the official website and social media platforms.

Q. Will I get a refund if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled by the organizers due to severe weather or natural disaster, then yes, you will receive a refund. However, please understand that if, after the event has started, severe weather occurs unexpectedly and it is too difficult or dangerous to continue the event, it will be cancelled without refund.

■About Tickets:

Q. Can I buy tickets the day of?

We will be notifying everyone of purchasing options on the official website and social media platforms.

Q. I lost my ticket. What do I do?

We do not offer reissuances of tickets under any circumstances. Please take care and hold on to your ticket.

Q. How old do I have to be to buy a ticket?

Middle school students (13 years old) and older can buy a ticket.

■Access / Public Transport / Parking

Q. What do I need to know about purchasing a parking pass?

You can only get a parking pass as a set with your event ticket. We will not sell parking passes separately. Please purchase a parking pass with your event ticket. If you are staying overnight with a two-day ticket, please buy a two-day parking pass.

Q. How about motorcycles and bicycles?

We plan on having parking space for two-wheeled vehicles (Motorcycles / Bicycles). We will update everyone about the location of this parking area at some point in the future. Two-wheeled vehicle parking is free and does not require a reservation of any kind. Anyone wishing to do the "Motorcycle & Camp" style will need to purchase a special camping ticket for that.

Q. Are there busses running from Kumamoto City, Aso Kumamoto Airport, and / or Fukuoka (Airport and City) to the event?

There will be tour busses for Kumamoto and Fukuoka Prefectures. Please see the tour bus page for more details.

Q. Will there be traffic restrictions?

Yes, there will be traffic restrictions on the day of the event. Please be aware that there are expected to be traffic jams.

Q. What's the closest train station to the event?

That would be Nakamatsu Station on the Minami Aso Railway. There will be a shuttle bus from the station to the event (more details to come).

■About the Venue:

Q. When can I get in line to enter the event?

We will announce this information at a later date.

Q. Can I pitch a tent in the venue?

If you purchase a sunshade tent area ticket, you can pitch a tent in that area of the venue.

Q. If it's looking too crowded, will there be limits to the amount of people that can enter?

No, there will be no such limits implemented. We will only be selling tickets for the amount of people that can enter the venue.

Q. Can I bring a picnic blanket?

Yes. Please use such items anywhere but the standing zone. Please make the area you use about the size of a newspaper sheet per person.

Q. Can I bring chairs?

Yes. Please use them outside of the standing zone.

Q. Am I allowed to bring a camera in?

You may use your smartphone, digital camera, or video camera in a way that does not disturb the fun of other festival attendees. However, please refrain from recording the artists.

■About Food:

Q. Can I bring food and drinks in the venue?

All alcohol, cans, and glass bottles are prohibited. We will be checking bags. There are no particular restrictions on food, but please be careful of food poisoning due to spoiling if you bring your own, and try to use the food booths when you eat.

Q. What kind of food facilities will be there?

We'll be announcing that info later. Look forward to it!

■Other Questions:

Q. Can I come to the event in a wheelchair?

Yes. However, the entire venue is slanted. Also, there are no dedicated spaces for wheelchair viewing, so please come with someone that can give you a hand. Also, it's a 10 minute walk uphill from the parking lot to the venue. The sponsors and organizers will not bear any responsibility for accidents that may occur. For anyone coming in a wheelchair that needs a parking pass, please contact us (happy_aso@aso-rockfes.com) upon purchasing a ticket and parking pass with information about your situation. Please make sure the subject of your email is "Attending in wheelchair," and please include the following information in the body: Person's name that purchased ticket Contact number you registered on the Play Guide Address Type of vehicle License plate number We will provide you with a special parking pass for handicapped parking. (We will be checking names as they exactly appear in the information provided, so please make sure it is correct.)

Q. Can I bring my pet?

No, there are no pets allowed.

Q. What should I know about bringing strollers into the venue?

Although we allow strollers in the venue, you must be responsible for them yourself (bringing them into the standing zone is prohibited). Also, the entire venue is on a slant, so please be careful not to bump into other attendees. Please be aware that the event organizers bear no responsibility for any trouble aroused from the use or presence of strollers.

Q. Can I smoke cigarettes?

Smoking is prohibited except for in the designated smoking areas. We will make an announcement about the smoking areas at a later date.


Cautions Concerning the Festival

The festival will take place even in the event of rain (but not severe weather). Also, please be aware that we cannot give refunds if the artists decide to cancel or change schedules.
Please do not take up too much space with your picnic blankets and tarps in the venue.
Overhead tarps and parasols, etc. that obstruct other attendees view are prohibited. Please purchase a sunshade tent area ticket and use those items there.
Mosh pits, stage diving, or any other activities that could possibly harm attendees are strictly prohibited. The event organizers also bear no responsibility whatsoever if an accident does occur due to these prohibited actions. Please work out any claims with only the parties directly involved.
"Umbrellas are prohibited in the venue. In the event of rain, please use rainwear. Please come to the venue prepared with clothing for rain and cold weather."
If you are found to be on the venue premises illicitly, for any reason whatsoever, we will hand over your information to the police and request damages paid.
Please refrain from any actions that could bother people living nearby.
If you do not have a parking pass, please do not come by car. There is a limited number of parking spaces, so please get your parking pass before arriving.
Any and all pets and animals, glass bottles and cans, fireworks and other flammable objects, dangerous items and other items otherwise prohibited by law are strictly prohibited in the venue.
Any accidents or crimes such as theft that occur in or outside the venue premises will be no responsibility of the event organizers, the venue, or the performers.
Whether inside or outside the venue, anyone who does not comply with event organizer directions or commits acts that cause trouble for other attendees may be forcibly removed from the venue. (There will be no refunds in this case.)
While cameras and video cameras are allowed in the venue, taking pictures / video of the artists is prohibited. Audio recorders are strictly prohibited.
Purchase of a ticket to this event is assumed to be made with the agreement and understanding of all cautions outlined on the official site, so please review them. Moreover, purchase of a ticket is understood as agreement to all cautions.
If, for any reason, the event organizers foresee obstruction being caused to their business, they are free to change rules surrounding the event at any time and in any way they choose. There will be no refunds based on changes to the rules.
Any information provided by the customer will belong to the event organizers.

Cautions Concerning Parking

Parking passes are good for one standard size car each.
Overnight parking for two-day tickets will cost the same as two parking passes.
There is limited parking space. Parking is on a first come, first served basis so try to purchase your parking pass early. (We will make an announcement on the official site and social media platforms when parking passes have run out.)
We do not sell parking passes separately. Please purchase your parking pass, if necessary, when purchasing your event ticket.
Please be aware that we will not be selling parking passes the day of the event. Even if you show up in a car, without a parking pass, you will be unable to park.
The parking lot is not a 24-hour operation. Please be aware that the times during which you may enter and leave are limited.
Please plan for it to take about 15 to 30 minutes to walk to the entrance gates from the parking lot. There is a free shuttle bus as well.
If the venue parking lot is full, we may guide you to a nearby parking lot. You may use a shuttle bus from there to reach the venue for free. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the bus drop off to the venue gate, so please plan accordingly.
If you have purchased a parking pass, it will be sent to you around the Middle of September..