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Aso Rock KitchenThis year's Aso Rock Festival Gourmet

Aso Rock Kitchen Fire 2023 is something else!
"To spice up the festival's food selection, the best restaurants from all over Kyushu, and Kumamoto Prefecture in particular, will be gathered together at Aspecta! Savor festival food that can be found nowhere else!"

Event Date September 30th (Sat) and October 1st (Sun), 2023
Business Hours From 9:30 to 20:00 (hours may vary depending on the shop)

Volcano Foods

  • Ocean

    Volcano Chicken

    Extremely spicy and delicious! It'll inevitably a erupt in your mouth like a volcano! Our first selection is Volcano Chicken from Ocean, a restaurant that specializes in fried chicken. The popular fried chicken that won the silver prize at the Kumamoto Fried Chicken Championship is now available in its Volcano version. Don't you think it'd pair perfectly with an ice cold beer?!

  • Takamori Café

    Super Spicy Wild Game Bolognese Dog

    Takamori Cafe from Kagoshima. The highly recommended Super Spicy Wild Game Bolognese Dog uses meat that has been carefully prepared in a way that removes the smell of wild game meat. A hot dog with super spicy Bolognese made from wild game meat. Satisfying taste and volume.

  • Fujiya

    Land of Fire Volcano Cheeseburger

    Fujiya has released the Land of Fire Volcano Cheeseburger, which is made with cheddar cheese and plenty of spicy sauce! The combination of spiciness + cheese + burger makes for the ultimate volcano!

  • Mendokoro Samurai

    Spicy Hot Mazesoba w/ Mashed Tuna

    "A super spicy mazesoba with mashed tuna and melted cheese! A cup of soba noodles and tuna topped with cheese that can be easily eaten. The grated yam softens the richness of the meat."

  • Kutchan-tei

    Aso Magma Keema (spicy)

    "Now available! A horse meat keema curry! Not made with beef or pork, this easy-to-eat horse meat keema is now available in its Volcano version! This is an absolute must for all the prefecture residents who are familiar with horse meat! I bet you've never eaten horse meat keema before, have you? Please try both the Aso Magma Keema (spicy) and the Caldera Keema (normal)!"

Aso Rock Limited Festival Fare

  • Imakin x Shinwaen

    Ganso Imakin Wagyu Aka Beef Bowl

    Imakin Shokudo, which everyone in Kumamoto Prefecture knows, and Shinwaen, which is also listed in the Michelin Guide, have collaborated to offer the Ganso Imakin Wagyu Aka Beef Bowl. Aso Rock Kitchen's cleanup hitter is set to hit a bases loaded home run again this year!

  • Seafood BBQ Hamasaki Shoten

    Seafood Skewers

    Silver-stripe round herring is dried overnight and skewered! Scallops sauteed in garlic butter and cooked with FIRE! Enjoy Hamasaki Shoten's seafood skewers in the mountains of Aso!

  • Takoyaki specialist, Ganso Kumamoto Teppanyaki Kamui


    Kamui-style takoyaki is made with batter made with bonito broth from Kumamoto Prefecture and topped with rock salt from Amakusa, Kumamoto. An authentic takoyaki that allows you to enjoy the attention to detail put into the takoyaki dough.

  • Curry the Nakamuuuura

    Bunny Chow

    Curry the Nakamuuuura enters the fray with the South African dish known as Bunny Chow. Nakamuuuura's Bunny Chow is a combination of curry, which was selected as one of the top four curry kings in the Kumamoto Curry Championship, and high-grade bread. The perfect item to represent the international flavor of Aso's rock music.

  • Link Up

    Wagyu Aka Beef Skewers

    Wagyu Aka Beef from Kumamoto Prefecture is low in fat, tender, and juicy. These popular Wagyu Aka Beef Skewers allow you to enjoy the luxurious flavors wagyu Aka Beef.

  • Manpuku Foods

    Aso Mountain Yakisoba w/ pork belly from Kumamoto prefecture

    Aso Mountain Yakisoba w/ pork belly from Kumamoto Prefecture is a yakisoba platter that rises as high as the vast Mount Aso itself. The pork belly and vegetables are naturally from Kumamoto Prefecture. It's guaranteed to fill you up!

  • Himekokko Club

    Amakusa Daio Otebayaki

    Amakusa Daio Otebayaki is a carefully grilled Amakusa Daio chicken that was raised in an environment where Amakusa's sea breezes and mountain breezes blow. The perfect snack for beer! Have as many rounds as you like!

  • Kumamoto Food Stall Village

    Kuroge Beef Dice Steak

    Kumamoto Food Stall Village is a popular spot for residents of the prefecture. Kuroge Beef Dice Steak is a very popular food there. We will provide a teppan selection that lives up to the prestige of the food stall village!

  • Bistro La Repos

    Wagyu Aka Beef Bolognese Pasta

    Wagyu Aka Beef Bolognese Pasta features Bolognese made with minced wagyu Aka Beef from Kumamoto. Exquisite pasta with flavors of wagyu Aka Beef seeping into the sauce! The springy texture of the fresh pasta matches the sauce perfectly!

  • Amakusa Daio Bal Sun Hara Ippai

    Charred Amakusa Daio Rice Bowl

    Charred Amakusa Daio Rice Bowl, which is made by grilling Amakusa Daio chicken meat over a large charcoal flame and placing it on top of rice. The savory flavors trapped in the flames and the fragrant aroma of charcoal condense the already savory notes of the ingredients, making them even more delicious when they finally hit your tongue.

「Festival Carbs」

  • Red Tomato Ramen

    Tomato Ramen

    Three tomatoes are used in one cup and stewed with a special chicken broth. Red Tomato Ramen. The perfect cup to fill you up!

  • Bigmamagon

    Authentic Kiln-baked Pizza

    An authentic pizza baked in a kiln using oak trees grown in the sea breeze of Ushibuka, Amakusa. Hearts and pizza alike will be baked hot in the lands of Aso!

  • Saishoku Enman Junwa

    Uchi no Rice Ball

    Uchi no Rice Ball is Junwa's famous rolled omelet sandwiched with meat and mentaiko. Very popular with children!

  • ASJ

    Meat and Grated Yam Rice Bowl

    A spectacularly exquisite dish with plenty of their original dashi and carefully selected grated yam. The grated yam softens the richness of the meat.

「Aso Rock Desserts」

  • Oyatsuya Kanon

    Milk Espuma Shaved Ice

    Amakusa strawberries are used in our homemade syrup and topped with sweet condensed milk! The sourness of strawberries and the sweetness of condensed milk are the perfect combo! Enjoy this fluffy shaved ice offering from a cake shop!

  • Hachimaru

    Shaved Strawberry

    Hachimaru's classic Shaved Strawberry is a sweet and sour extravagance that features plenty of whipped and condensed milk on top of strawberries!

  • Aso Natural Ice

    Double Melon Ice Cream & Parfait

    Double Melon Ice Cream & Parfait is made with plenty of red and green melons from Kumamoto Prefecture. The refreshing sweetness of the melons will spreads throughout your entire mouth.

  • Bunny's

    Melon Soft Serve

    Melon soft serve is made by topping carefully selected soft serve with melon from Kumamoto Prefecture. A simple but delicious dish.

※Introduced in no particular order. This is an introduction of just some of the stalls. We will announce others as they're confirmed.