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Once again, this year we’ll be reserving a space in the venue for overnight camping. On top of the site from last year (Site A), there will also be the Site B available using the circuit space behind the stage. You may ride your motorcycles into the Site B if you wish. We’ll be holding a new event, “Aso Fire STAGE” (a night-only event stage) for campers who are staying with us overnight.

  • Site A Details

    ​ - You can see the main stage from here.
    -​ Enjoy a nice, wide open view.
    - ​There is a slant.
    -​ No night events.
    -​ You can use either a camping stove or an outdoor mini gas stove to cook.

  • Site B Details

    - - ​It’s a little far from the main stage.
    - ​It is almost completely flat.
    - ​You can bring your motorcycle to your camping spot. (Requires purchase of a special ticket.)
    - ​You can use a campfire stand, but building a fire on the ground is prohibited.

Unless you have bought the “Motorcycle & Camp” ticket, you may camp in either site.

Types of Camping Tickets

  • 1) Two-day Aso Rock ticket + Campsite ticket
  • 2) Two-day Aso Rock ticket + Campsite ticket + Campsite parking pass
  • 3) Two-day Aso Rock ticket + Motorcycle & Campsite ticket

We do not sell Campsite tickets separately.

Time available for use: 09/30 (Sat.) 9:00 AM – 10/01 (Sun.) 7:00 PM (Complete removal)
-​Each person camping requires their own campsite ticket.
-​You may enter the campsite only after you exchange your camping ticket at the entrance gate for a camp wrist band.
-​Only those wearing camp wrist bands will be allowed entry into the campsites.

ー Precautions when purchasing parking passes ー

- ​We will be sending you the campsite parking pass about one week before the event.
-​ This ticket can be used between 09/30 (Sat.) 8:30 AM – 10/01 (Sun.) 10:00 PM
-​ A campsite parking pass is required for each vehicle.
-​ Please put the pass on your dashboard before coming into the parking lot.
-​ The pass will be usable for the full two days while the campsite is open.

Rental Tents

There are two types of rental tents available: “Rental Tents” that you set up and take down yourself, and “Easy Rental Tents” that will be pitched and taken down for you. Tickets for these are available at the site below. Please note, you cannot reserve a rental tent by itself. Unless you have a camping ticket, you cannot use a rental tent. If you reserve a rental tent, please make sure you also purchase a camping ticket. Also, upon reservation, there can be no changes or cancellations (refunds) made for any reason. Please read the cautions and FAQ before reserving.

Ready-made BBQ

  • BBQ set with a generous serving of meat and vegetables!

    ・Ready-made Meat & Veggie BBQ set for 2 people /BBQ Grill (6kg of charcoal & firestarter): ¥15,000 (tax incl.) /20 sets available ・Meat & Veggie BBQ additional serving for 1 person: ¥4,500 (tax incl.) / 20 sets available ※それぞれ、炭バサミ、トング、紙皿、割り箸、BBQタレ付き ※このプランに申し込みができるのは、キャンプのお客さまのみです。 ※BBQのできる場所は、Aサイトでは本部裏の指定場所とBサイトのみになります。 BBQ受取時間:9月30日(土) 11:00〜18:00
  • Amount pictured is set for 2 people.

Firewood for sale!

Would you like to burn firewood harvested from Minami Aso? When night falls, the night event will begin at the ASO FIRE Stage in the Campsite B, allowing you to feel the liveliness in the distance as you burn your firewood. Aso Rock Festival will sell firewood starting this year. It will cost 800 yen per bundle, and supply is limited, so get yours early before they sell out!

Sales location Sold at the corner of Campsite B
Sales hours 13:00 to 20:00 (hours subject to change due to operational reasons)
Note Open fire is prohibited. When disposing of charcoal, make sure that the cans at the sales office are not on fire. Please check and discard. The use of firewood is allowed at Campsite B only. Only cassette stoves or outdoor gas stoves can be used at Campsite A.

Onsen Shuttle Bus for Campers

There is a shuttle bus for campers that runs to an onsen.
Round trip ¥800
Shuttle bus tickets must be reserved in advance.
The entrance fee for the onsen (¥500 for adults) is to be paid at the onsen.

  • 09/30 (Sat.) Onsen Shuttle Bus Schedule
    Depart venue → Arrive at onsen
    (Number of passengers : 40)
    17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 Depart onsen → Arrive at venue
    (Number of passengers : 40)
    18:30 19:30 20:30 21:30
  • 10/01 (Sun.) Onsen Shuttle Bus Schedule
    Depart venue → Arrive at onsen
    (Number of passengers : 40)
    10:00 11:00 12:00 Depart onsen → Arrive at venue
    (Number of passengers : 40)
    11:30 12:30 13:30
  • — Hakusui Onsen Ruri —

    Opening hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Entrance fee: ¥500 for adults, ¥300 for children (elementary school student or younger)
    Items included in entrance fee: Shampoo and body soap
    Paid amenities: Face towel, bath towel, razor, ladies' set, etc.


-​There will be no cancellations or refunds under any circumstances. (This does not include the event being cancelled by the organizer.)
-​All rental tickets (rental tents, etc.) are valid for use: 09/30 (Sat.) 9:00 AM – 10/01 (Sun.) 4:00 PM
-​Only those with a camping ticket may use the campsite.
-​You must purchase a two-day pass for the event to camp.
-​Anyone under 18 years of age (or still in high school) will not be permitted to use the campsite alone.
-​Elementary school students stay for free (but must be accompanied by a guardian).
-​Car camping is not permitted.
-​The parking lot is relatively close to the campsite, but the walk is about 10 minutes uphill and you must carry your own belongings.
-​On the morning of 10/01, in order to ensure the safety of other attendees arriving that day you will not be allowed to remove your car from the camping parking lot until 10:00 AM, when guided parking ends.
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
-​The campsite is not divided into lots. Please make room for other campers where you can.
-​Taking up excess space and reserving spots are strictly prohibited. We may address groups or individuals engaging in such activities.
-​Do not leave valuables in your tent. Please keep track of them closely and keep them on your person at all times. We will not be held responsible for the theft or loss of any personal items, valuable or otherwise.
-​The campsite is on a slope. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
-​Please prepare your own camping goods, such as tents, sleeping bags, etc.
-​It may get quite cold late at night and early into the morning. Please make sure you have planned accordingly with sleeping bags, warming clothing, etc.
-​It will be very dark in the campsite at night, so we highly recommend bringing headlamps or other battery-powered light sources.
-​Please use the designated smoking area to smoke.
-​Pets, foldable bikes, generators, fireworks, and any other illegal items are strictly prohibited from being brought into the campsite.
-​You will be surrounded by nature. Bees, gnats, ticks, as well as other possibly poisonous plants and venomous animals may be present. Please be aware of the risks nature poses.
-​Although the event is still on in the event of rain, other dangerous weather such as strong winds, lightning, and earthquakes may cause the event organizers to shut down the event for safety concerns, in which case camping will also be cancelled. In such a case, please follow the instructions of the event guides and evacuate to a safe place.

Rules about using fire in the campsite

The only fire apparatuses allowed for use in Site A are camping stoves and outdoor-use mini stoves. Please be aware that campfires and charcoal are not allowed.
-​In Site B, you may have a campfire if it is contained in a fire pit, but open fires on the ground are strictly prohibited. Please be courteous of those around you.
-​Please dispose of any and all garbage at the designated trash separation site. Also, please bring home any and all camping goods you brought with you.

Aso Rock Camp also adheres to all the precautions outlined for ASO ROCK FESTIVAL.