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Aso Viva SquareA playground to keep your children entertained

Giant Bamboo Swing and Bamboo Jungle Gym will be used to create Aso Viva Square in Aspecta!

Giant Bamboo Swing and Bamboo Jungle Gym

[Target age] 2 to 10 years old (up to 35 kg weight limit)

Swings and jungle gyms, which are popular children’s playground equipment, tower over the hills of Aspecta. In recent years, the number of farmers has decreased, and bamboo has encroached on their houses and fields.
A so-called “bamboo damage” has been occurring and is caused by the collapse of buildings and the shrinkage of cultivated areas. In order to alleviate the damage caused by bamboo as much as possible, we are working with a local youth group to cut down bamboo and transform it into fun playground equipment for children at Aso Rock.

Kumamoku Wooden Playground Area

[Target age] From 0 to about 6 years old

Touch and play around with Kumamoto’s trees!
At Aso Rock, we have prepared wooden toys for children so that they can interact with trees from Kumamoto Prefecture.
Children can feel the warmth of Kumamoto wood with their whole bodies inside the wooden pool.

Soap Bubble Workshop

[Target age] From 4 to 12 years old

Soap bubbles will soar against the backdrop of the magnificent view of Aspecta. How about making soap bubbles with us at the workshop?
Will will make the soap bubbles with natural materials. The participation fee for the workshop will be 500 yen/person.

In addition to this, we are planning to have other other stands such as a firing range.
Aso Viva Square will be available for your enjoyment on both days of the event!

Dates Saturday, September 30, Sunday, October 1, 2023
Hours 10am to dusk
Notes “●Aso Viva Square is not an area where children can be left unattended. Please be sure that they are accompanied by a guardian at all times.
●Aso Viva Square activities may be canceled depending on the weather.
● Please obey the instructions of the staff when playing at Aso Viva Square”